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Looking for fast and reliable Apple Watch repairs in Australia? Look no further! Our expert technicians specialise in a wide range of Apple Watch services, including glass, small components, power issues, and software problems.

We offer next-day turnaround via Australia Post, so you can have your watch back on your wrist quickly. We focus on glass-only and touch layer repairs to maintain your watch’s original OLED display and Apple Pay capabilities. Plus, we install new water and dust-resistant seals for added durability.

If you need a battery replacement, we’ve got you covered for all Apple Watch models at competitive, transparent prices:

  • Series 1/2/3 Glass Replacement: $149
  • Series 4/5/6/SE Glass Replacement: $189
  • Series 7/8/9 Glass Replacement: $229
  • Ultra (1st Generation) Glass Replacement: $399
  • Battery Replacement (Series 1/2/3/4) : $119
  • Battery Replacement (Series 5/6/7/8/SE) : $149

Don’t let a damaged Apple Watch disrupt your routine. Book your repair with us today, and we’ll take care of the rest with expertise and care!

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Free Standard Postage




Free Standard Postage

Series 7/8/9


Free Standard Postage

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To get your Apple Watch repaired quickly and easily, simply fill out the form below to receive a prepaid shipping label and a quote. Then, take your watch and the shipping label to your nearest Australia Post location and send it to us. We’ll handle the repairs and send it back to you in no time!

If you live on the Gold Coast our booking page is here.

We'll send you pre-paid postage label to get your device to us.
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Please remove and refrain from sending items such as chargers, bands (including Apple Watch bands), styluses, memory cards, manuals, battery covers, etc., as these are not required for the service and may get misplaced. We take no responsibility for these items and will not replace them if lost. Removing unnecessary items results in cheaper freight costs and reduce the likelihood of any items going missing during transit.

Repair Terms and Conditions

  1. Postal Repairs

    Please call us or complete our online form for a free repair quote before sending your device to us.
    Do not send your device unless you agree with the quote provided. If you do not proceed with the required work for the accepted quote, there will be a rejection fee of $45, which must be paid in full before the goods will be released.
    It is strongly recommended that you insure your package against theft and damage during transit. Please note that all couriers, including Australia Post, will not replace your device if it is lost or damaged unless it is insured.
    We are not responsible for any delays in transit once the package has left our service center.

  2. Backup your Data

    It is very important that you save any data to your online storage, personal computer, or SIM card. Please be aware that during the repair process, it is possible that all data saved on your device will be lost. We are not responsible for any data loss, so please back up your data to prevent any data loss.

  3. Accessories

    We are not responsible for accessories that are not relevant to your repair being lost. Please accurately describe the items you are sending, such as 'phone and battery.' Do not send your SIM card to us under any circumstances.
    Please send only items relevant to your repair. We do not need chargers, bands, styluses, memory cards, manuals, battery covers, etc. unless you believe these items are faulty and are related to the repair. Having fewer items will result in cheaper freight costs and less chance that any items may go missing.

  4. Water Resistance

    Water resistance is not a permanent feature on electronic devices and may degrade over time. During repair, we replace any seals or gaskets that help maintain the device's water resistance. However, we cannot guarantee the full water resistance of the device after repair, as we are unable to test for this. We recommend that the device not be used in water or subjected to submersion. Please note that any damage caused by water may not be covered under warranty."

  5. Warranty

    We provide a 5-year warranty on parts replaced/repaired, including the labor charge, but not any other faults that may arise later once the device has been checked and collected. This applies to all repairs unless there are signs of liquid ingress, physical damage, or if the warranty seal label is missing or damaged. There is no warranty for liquid damage repairs.

  6. Device Locks/Call Barring/Blocked

    If a device is found to be 'call barred,' blocked, or reported lost or stolen after the repair has been completed, the customer is liable for all labor and parts costs that have been used. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the device is not call barred before booking in for any repairs.

  7. Disposal of Uncollected Goods

    We reserve the right to dispose of products 6 months after the date of completion if the service fee is unpaid and/or if the products are not collected in that time frame.
    The Disposal of Uncollected Goods Act 1967 covers the inspection, custody, storage, repair, and other treatment of goods. Under this Act, uncollected goods may be sold six months after the date on which they were ready for collection."



Screen Replacement

Glass Repair


Data Recovery

Liquid Damage


Quality Parts

We’ve got suppliers across the globe to source the highest quality parts, choose from Branded, Glass Only or Premuim 3rd Party.

Glass Only

Know the difference between cracked glass or a damaged screen (LCD/OLED). Our experts can replace your glass at a fraction of the cost.

Premium 3rd Party

Our premuim 3rd party parts redefine screen quality with a higher refresh rate, color accuracy, true tone functionality and IPS technology you wont find in a shopping centre kiosk.