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Apple Watch Repair - Before and After: Left side shows severely damaged and non-functional watch. Right side displays fully repaired and restored Apple Watch, looking brand new

Searching for quick and dependable Apple Watch repair in Australia? Look right here! Our skilled technicians specialise in a wide range of Apple Watch services, covering glass, small components, power issues, and software glitches.

You can count on us for a swift turnaround in person on the Gold Coast or via Australia Post, ensuring you’ll have your watch back on your wrist promptly. We place our focus on glass-only and touch layer repairs to preserve your watch’s original OLED display and seamless Apple Pay capabilities. Moreover, we install new water and dust-resistant seals to enhance its longevity.

For those in need of a battery replacement, rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered for all Apple Watch models. Our pricing is competitive, and we are transparent about it.

Don’t let a damaged Apple Watch disrupt your daily routine any longer. Secure your repair appointment with us today, and trust that we’ll handle it with the utmost expertise and care! You can find our more about our guiding principals here.

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Series 9 Apple Watch

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Apple Watch Ultra Repair

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Series 8 Apple Watch - Expert Repair Services

Series 8

Series SE 2nd Generation Apple Watch

SE (2nd Generation)

Apple Watch Series 7 - Precision Repair Services

Series 7

Apple Watch Series 6 - Expert Repair Solutions

Series 6

Apple Watch SE 1st Generation - Quality Repair Solutions

SE (1st Generation)

Apple Watch Series 5 - Expert Repair Services

Series 5

Apple Watch Series 4 - Precision Repair Solutions

Series 4

Apple Watch Series 3

Series 3

Apple Watch Series 2

Series 2

Apple Watch Series 1

Series 1

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Why glass-only Apple Watch repair?

1. Genuine Screen Preservation: Your Apple Watch’s display is a work of art, designed for exceptional visual clarity and touch sensitivity. Glass-only repair ensures that you keep the original OLED display, maintaining vibrant colours, sharpness, and responsiveness.

2. Apple Pay Continuity: Apple Pay is a vital feature for many users, allowing for secure and convenient payments. Traditional screen replacements can potentially disrupt Apple Pay functionality as its components are integrated into the screen assembly. With glass-only repair, your Apple Pay capabilities remain intact.

3. Sustainable and Cost-Effective: Glass-only repair is not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective. It reduces electronic waste by minimising discarded components and saves you money while keeping your Apple Watch in excellent condition.

When you choose our glass-only repair service, you’re making a smart, sustainable choice that preserves the brilliance of your Apple Watch. Say goodbye to compromised screens and disrupted Apple Pay – opt for glass-only repair today!

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